Lamy Design

Writing instruments from Lamy follow a common design philosophy: every product must fulfil its function and be durable and beautiful.

Writing instruments from Lamy have their own unmistakable design language. A Lamy is a Lamy – and you can see it! The reason for this is the characteristic Lamy design, which is based on clear design language and a consistent focus on practical utility. 
No design element is accidental but rather always developed from the function. Consequently, writing instruments from Lamy are not fashionable but always modern – and therefore timeless.

Functional design

We first formulated and implemented this design philosophy in 1966.

This was the year when the LAMY 2000 came onto the market. The fountain pen defined the design guidelines that apply to this day: reduced in form but complete in function. Since then, all writing instruments from Lamy have been developed according to this principle of functional design – a LAMY safari as much as a LAMY pico or LAMY scala.

International designers

Every one of these writing instruments is unique in its function, its aesthetics, its suitability for different writing occasions, yet they are all unmistakably Lamy.

They are always developed in cooperation with prestigious international designers and design studios, for example including Franco Clivio, Naoto Fukasawa, sieger design and Jasper Morrison.

Quality and design “made in Germany”

Lamy Design is inextricably linked with an uncompromising quality standard. We have always ensured this through production on the Heidelberg site: even in times of increasing internationalisation, Lamy writing instruments are manufactured in Germany and therefore represent the highest standards of quality and design worldwide “made in Germany”.

50 years of Lamy design

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Corporate culture

Responsible handling of ecological, economic and social resources is a central concept at Lamy.

Facts and figures

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