Corporate Culture

Sustainability as a guiding principle

Responsible handling of ecological, economic and social resources is a central concept at Lamy. Sustainability is a challenge that we tackle every day: with vision, passion and the will continuously to surpass standards that we set ourselves.


We focus on the needs of the customer.


We are prepared to create change and have the courage to try something new every day.


We act cooperatively internally and externally. We see ourselves as a high-performance community – based on mutual trust and respect.

Sustainability with Lamy

Do good and let yourself be judged by your actions – this formulation probably best describes Lamy’s own self-concept. Sustainability and social responsibility are not just buzzwords at Lamy, they are practiced every day in the company culture.


Materials and manufacturing processes are decisively tested for environmental compatibility. Residual and working materials are recycled separately and the consumption of primary energy and water is reduced to the bare essentials. The use of solar power and rainwater is always an essential component in the production cycle of Lamy’s innovation workshop.


Lamy products are characterised by their special longevity. This pertains to their formal design, which is always timeless and never submits itself to short-lived trends. At the same time, however, the permanence of the products is the result of Lamy’s promise of quality: Lamy has never produced any writing instrument as a disposable product. Should any damage occur, all writing instruments can actually be repaired.


Long-standing collaborations with employees, suppliers and business partners, a trusting work environment and its connection to Heidelberg make Lamy a pioneer in social sustainability. Ongoing investments in the in-house Research and Development department as well as in the production facilities guarantee long-term protection of jobs.

Taking responsibility – shaping the future.

Sustainability is always a core value at Lamy. It forms the basic principles of the company strategy we live by – for people and products, environment and society.

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